There is a four year old screaming at me from her bedroom. This is especially sucktastic, because her bedroom is right next to where I’m working.

Makes it hard to work.

She got mad at me, while I was working, and decided to let me know she was mad by repeatedly screaming, top of her lungs, right next to my left ear.

Which is bleeding, now.

I dove into my bag of awesome mommy tricks and tried to pull her out of the fit. But the screaming continued.

I warned her that if she couldn’t stop screaming, she was going to have to go to her bedroom till she calmed down. Because, you know, my ear? It’s bleeding.

And so, now, there is a four year old screaming at me from her bedroom.

There are joys and pains to everything, I suppose. Working at home is no different. I’m  not sure what I was expecting, but the idea of kids leaving you alone for an hour and a half while you write an article is just laughable.

My kids will leave me alone for hours on end if I’m doing nothing important. If I want to get on the floor and play with the 6 year old’s Monster High dolls, I’m “lame.”  But as soon as I get a cup of coffee and pull the computer out, it’s all over.

Some of it isn’t even their fault. The last stomach bug we dealt with started seconds after I locked the bathroom door to dye away the gray hairs these kids have given me.

But truth… working at home, working outside of the home, not working at all and just trying to stay on top of the kids and the house… we need to fight for our time, moms. Am I right?

I use the TV more than I should, especially with my younger daughter, who I think might be secretly in love with Dora. I also lean on my mom, and my husband, when he’s home.

What do you do? How do you fight for mom time? And what does your mom time look like? Are you working, or trying to dye your hair? Or both?