Have you seen this father, who is being lauded as a hero among fathers everywhere?

I think he’s a douchebag.

I get that he’s trying to teach his daughter a lesson about respect. And, I have to admit, she’ll probably never post anything negative about him on Facebook again. But seriously?

What a waste! Regardless of who paid for the computer and all the computer upgrades (ostensibly, the parents), the fact remains it is a bought and paid for computer, that probably cost more than the bullets he used to destroy it. If he doesn’t want his daughter to have a computer anymore, there were much better ways to go about it.

He could have wiped the hard drive clean (working in IT and all, he should be able to do that, no prob.) and given it to someone who isn’t as blessed as he. Whose child doesn’t have a computer. Whose family doesn’t have a computer!

He could have given it to the school and asked that they give it to a student who stays after school to do his homework on the library computers, because he has no computer at home.

I know it’s hard for us to imagine, but there are people, lots and lots of people, who do not have a computer.

The fact that there are children in my own daughter’s school who don’t have access to word processing programs at home makes me want to rage against this man who so cavalierly puts bullets in a perfectly good computer.

What he’s really teaching his daughter is that everything, even really big ticket items, like computers, are disposable. What he’s also teaching her is that he can do whatever he wants to any of her stuff, just by virtue of the fact that he’s her father (and that he’s got a gun. I mean, there is that.)

I don’t abide by that stuff. When I give something to my kids, it belongs to them. It was a gift. I might give my daughter a break from her DS, but I’m not going to murder it in the backyard to teach her a lesson.

In fact, I just took my 4 year old’s Leapster away from her and told her she can have it back tomorrow. This, after she smacked me because she was unhappy with the way I was helping her play a game. Which I was doing at her request. So, like, damn kid, I’m doing what you asked! But, again, I didn’t drown it in the kitchen sink, in an attempt to teach her a lesson about respecting me.

And honestly, I doubt a lesson has been learned here. Sure, this guy’s daughter will be more covert about her parental disrespect, and probably won’t be posting open letters to her parents on Facebook anymore, but I doubt she’s learned anything here, except that Dad is a bully. And the whining and moaning isn’t going to stop.

No, it doesn’t seem that she’s got such a horrible existence. But I didn’t have a horrible existence either, and I still bitched about my parents when I was a teenager. It’s just part of being a teenager. It’s part of the whole “pulling away to become an adult” thing.

I’m not saying this dad should have sat idly by while his daughter berated him in a very public forum, and even went so far as to lie (as he claims. I don’t know. I’m not in their house.) about her responsibilities. I’m also not saying that he’s wrong to take the computer away from his daughter (seeing as how I just took that Leapster thing away from my own daughter). I am saying that what he did was wasteful. It contributes to our disposable society.

Someday, his daughter will likely be faced with a rebellious teenager of her own. I hope that what she doesn’t take a gun to the problem when she is.