So I found myself up and out of bed at 5am, in the hopes of being able to watch The Quest from last night online and do my recap. Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m recapping that train wreck? Well, there, consider yourself informed.


Anyway, ABC didn’t have it up on the site yet, and I didn’t want to turn on the living room tv to see if it’s available On Demand yet, because I didn’t want to wake the kids up two and a half hours early.  What ensued was two hours of peace and quiet, while I cleaned the kitchen and listened to Spotify’s Acoustic Morning mix.


I was thinking about how my mom told me that she used to get up before me and my brother, to get all her housework done before we started our days of interruptions.  Of course, our interruptions looked more like “MOM! Can you help me put this dress on my Barbie? Danny’s playing GI Joes and Barbies with me and she has to get ready for the Marine Ball.”  (Not an actual quote. Maybe.)


When my kids interrupt me, it’s usually due to bloodshed or impending bloodshed. And it happens no less than six times an hour. No, really.  Most days, I’m pretty sure they hate each other. Other days, I think that it’s ME they hate, and they’re just pretending to hate each other to drive me further out of my mind.


This summer has been rough. My girls are of a certain age. I can practically see the hormones starting their surge through the nine year old. And the six year old? Well, she marches to the beat of her own drummer to begin with. Trying to deal with her almost-tween sister is not helping matters on her end, either.


I have no real point to this post today, except to brag that my kitchen is clean. Mostly.  And it’s 7:30am. And I got to see a mommy and baby deer cross my yard shortly after sunrise.


Baby deer are kind of doofy. Adorable, but doofy.


It’s time to wake my kids up, now. Kimmie got up a little bit ago, actually, when I was making too much noise changing the garbage bag. She walked across the house and climbed into my bed and went back to sleep. I don’t know if she even realized that I wasn’t in there with her. Sleepwalking for the win!


Maybe I’ll get up ridiculously early tomorrow and clean something else. Or just take my coffee on the patio and look for that doofy deer again.