Making you reconsider having children, one post at a time

Mommy & Kimmie

Sharon is a mom first, and everything else second. Or close to second. She’s kind of like the Buddha; “All things to all people.”  She often feels stressed out, under appreciated, and put upon, but she (probably) wouldn’t want it any other way. She’s a freelance copywriter, and you can find her professional site here.

Paul is an electrician, who works an insane shift at a printing plant. (They print scratch off lottery tickets, and Sharon keeps telling him, just one of those could solve all their problems. But he’s not a thief. Sharon is not allowed to visit him at work, because she totally is.) He loves to fish, doesn’t dig the idea of hunting, although he’s not opposed to it, and needs about six more hours in the day. He helps his kid build the best science projects in kindergarten and secretly loves the fact that his girls like to get muddy.

Joey is 6 (“and a half!”) Her favorite color is pink. Her favorite play time activity is dress up, especially when she can get her hands on some of Sharon’s shoes. She likes movies about comic book superheroes, long walks to the park, and jumping on the trampoline.

Daddy & Joey

Kimmie is 4 and wants everyone to know that her favorite toys are “boy toys.”  She may or may not be in love with Diego, of Nickelodeon fame. She likes the idea of zombies, but isn’t sure she’d like real ones. She is almost always gets to the potty on time and wants to bake cookies.

Baxter is 8. He’s got four legs, lots of fur, and very little patience for these kids. He likes belly rubs and chasing groundhogs out of the backyard. He hates the white cat that lives across the street.

Baxter takes over the bed. Every day.


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